Majestic Gatlinburg Weddings in the Smoky Mountains

More people choose to have Gatlinburg weddings in the Smoky Mountains than any other city east of the Mississippi River. Ranking second only to Las Vegas, Gatlinburg, TN is home to affordable and romantic wedding ceremonies in the beauty of the appalacian mountains. Smoky mountain weddings can be an awesome experience over having a wedding ceremony in your own hometown. The fresh mountain air and serenity of Gatlinburg makes for a special and heartfelt place to say “I do”. Read more below to discover why the Smoky Mountains is home to more than forty thousand weddings each and every year.

Gatlinburg wedding packages in the Great Smoky Mountains offer couples a romantic and affordable way to tie the knot among the eight hundred miles of national park surrounding the area. Some couples choose to have their wedding in Gatlinburg by a crackling fireplace in the comfort and privacy of their very own rental cabin, while others choose to take it outdoors in the heart of the beautiful Smokies. No matter what location you choose for your special day, it’s not possible to go wrong with a gorgeous wedding in the mountains.

With so many Gatlinburg wedding chapels and services to choose from, your fairy tale wedding is so close that you can taste it. Be sure to add a photography or video package to your ceremony and the memories will continue on for a lifetime. Since Gatlinburg is in Tennessee, applying for a Gatlinburg marriage license is as easy as one, two, three. The areas of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge give the term “heaven on earth” direct meaning.

Elopement packages in Gatlinburg are also a very common choice among couples seeking a simple but memorable wedding ceremony. They are generally more affordable than full wedding packages and offer the best bang for the buck. When the wedding ceremony is complete, enjoy the rest of your vacation, or shall we say, honeymoon. What more could you ask for?

When your in town, go out and see a dinner show, visit Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies, or take a hike through the vast Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The possibilities are endless. Drop by a wedding chapel and say “I do” or renew your vows and make it one of the most memorable trips of your life.

Gatlinburg, TN is within a days drive of half of the United States, making it an excellent location for both your honeymoon and wedding ceremony. Why wait any longer? Tie the knot in the beautiful mountains with a wedding in Gatlinburg.


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My week has been so full of drama. Maybe others are waiting for me to really break down or give a rage on social media but I’m cool about it. I’m amazed on how strong I am every single day. And I know I’ll get this through. Everything happens for a reason and it’s for the best of everyone.

1. I finally had my passport! I’m so excited for the trip to Thailand with my mom. Just kind of disappointed on how my photo turned out. It looks like a mugshot.

2. Spent a day with my best friend since freshman high school! She’s the most awesome person ever! She’s always been there for me. She’s always ready to listen. We slept under the stars like we always dreamed of doing since like, forever. I’m glad I’m sharing those stars with her.

3. This is the last thing I see everytime I go to sleep. Since last week, I’ve been sleeping in our rooftop and it’s the best bedroom I’ve ever had!

4. Been abusing my macro lens for my iphone with pictures of flowers. It’s amazing how a lens can capture nature in close up.

I know this week has been pretty hard but that’s when you’ll know who’s gonna be there for you, you’ll know who your real friends are and you’ll know how much you’re worth. My day offs keeps me sane and I’m glad I spent it with the people who truly loves me.

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